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Behind the Stories by Sloan Parker: HOW TO SAVE A LIFE

Last Updated: May 30, 2013

How to Save a Life

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Playlist for Walter and Kevin
Photo of Nearly Completed Manuscript
Photo of Original Outline & Scene Board
Research Links
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Playlist for Walter and Kevin

Here are a few of the songs I listened to while writing How to Save a Life. For each song, some of the lyrics and/or the tone really spoke to me when it came to Kevin and Walter. The blend of passion, emotion, and suspense with this story led to an interesting mix of songs for these guys.

Most of the YouTube videos for these wouldn't play embedded in the page, so I've linked to each. I tried to use the original artist's version where possible. --Sloan

For You, The Calling

Say When, The Fray

We Belong Together, Gavin DeGraw

Bring Me to Life, Evanescence
This is Walter's song
(although a lot of it works for Kevin too)

Naked, Avril Lavigne
This one's Kevin's song

Hanging By a Moment, Lifehouse

It's So Easy, Sheryl Crow & Don Henley

Superman (It's Not Easy), Five For Fighting

Show Me What I'm Looking For, Carolina Liar
I hear Kevin saying this to Walter (as opposed to the
more spiritual meaning the song may have for some).

Goodbye My Lover, James Blunt
Never fear, this book has a happy ending, but some of
the lyrics for this song describe very well what
Walter and Kevin are feeling for each other.

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Photo of Nearly Completed Manuscript

The printout from one of my last passes on the manuscript. I read the final pass after this on my Kindle, and then the manuscript was off to my editor.  --Sloan

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Photo of Original Outline & Scene Board

The original outline cards for How to Save a Life.
The stack is over five inches high, 22,000 words.

How to Save a Life Scene Board     How to Save a Life Scene Board

Here I checked off each scene as I read through the manuscript, working on revisions.

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Research Links

Here's a sampling of the sites I came across during the research phase of writing this book (which may or may not have ended up being related to what I was actually looking for):

Donít Look Down

GLOCK Safety Pack

One of several sample Missing Persons Reports

Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

A Brief History of Flintstones Vitamins
(I had to double check the names of the characters in the vitamins and this picture came up. Perfect for imagining Walter taking these.)

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More about How to Save a Life

How to Save a Life



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