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Last Updated: March 4, 2018

Thanks for your interest in my stories. Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions from readers and interviews. We'll be adding to this list as time allows. If you have any question you'd like me to answer that is not covered on this page, please drop me a line. I love hearing from readers!


How do the "Buy Now" buttons and PayPal links on your site work?
I sell my books direct to readers through the e-commerce platform Payhip. Payments are made through PayPal.

Once you complete your purchase through PayPal, you'll be immediately taken to a download page where you can download your purchased e-books. You will get access to the following formats: MOBI, EPUB, and PDF.

I have an issue with my purchase through PayPal. Can you assist me?
I'd be happy to help you with issues related to books purchased directly through Payhip. Please e-mail me at SloanParker.Author @ Include the issue you're having, the email address for your PayPal account, which book you purchased, and what format you're having an issue with.

About Sloan and Her Books

Will there be any more stories with Luke, Richard, and Matthew?
Yes. There are two books out now, and the third book in the series is in the works. This one will be told from Matthew's point of view and is titled MORE THAN EVER. No release date yet, but the first draft has been written. I also have a rough plan for book 4, so as long as readers are interested in more, there may be at least another one.

If you had to cast Richard, Luke, and Matthew in a movie, what actors would get the roles?
It’s very hard to imagine them as anyone other than who they are in my head, but if I had to choose I’d say: Hugh Jackman for Richard, Chris Pine for Luke, and Darren Criss for Matthew. Not because they necessarily look like the guys, but I think it would be fun to see what those actors would do with the roles.

What is the difference between The Haven and More series? Why are they separate?
Although the Haven and More series are set in the same world, the More books all focus on the relationship between Luke, Matthew, and Richard. The Haven books will each feature a new couple. Because of that, it was decided to market The Haven books as a separate "spin off" series.

What is the reading order for both The Haven and More Series?
Each series can be read individually or you can read them together. They take place in the same world and have some cross-over characters, but you can read one series and not the other if you prefer to do so. If you'd like to read both series in chronological order, below is the combined reading order.

Combined Series Chronological Reading Order:
1. More (More Book 1)
2. How to Save a Life (The Haven Book 1)
3. More Than Most (More Book 2)
4. How to Heal a Life (The Haven Book 2)

Who will be the main characters in the next book in The Haven series?
The latest book features Vargas and Seth. It's titled HOW TO HEAL A LIFE and was released in October 2017. The next book will feature Dylan and Tucker. No official release date for that title. You can keep up with the progress on my News Page.

Where did the idea for Breathe come from?
The idea for Breathe came to me after hearing about an accident that killed a woman near my home. I shared more about how this inspired Breathe on my Behind the Story page for the book.

Will there be any more stories with Jay and Lincoln?
Ever since finishing Breathe, I had an idea in mind for a couple of additional scenes with Lincoln and Jay. This epilogue is now available in the updated version of BREATHE and is also available as a free read on my website. Right now I have no plans for an additional novel with them, but I'm not completely ruling out revisiting them again. If I ever did write something more, it would likely be a short story or novella that allows readers to see a glimpse into their lives.

Will Dennis from TAKE ME HOME get his own story?
I’ve had a couple of people ask about this, which I was really excited to hear.

I do have a tentative story planned for Dennis. I’ve already written up a rough sketch for the first kiss scene and I just LOVE it. I can't guarantee when I'll get to writing his story (I have several things in the queue before I can consider this one), but I do hope to write about him finding love again.

Is the serial story MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK still available?
Yes, the full novel is now available in both paperback format as well as various e-book formats. You can get links to purchase this book here.

I saw that I SWEAR TO YOU is #4 in a series. What are the other 3 books? And in what order should they be read?
The other Missed Connections books in the series are actually written by different authors. The stories are not connected by characters or setting so there's no real order to them. Our publisher put them together as a series because they all center around the theme of a "missed connection." You can read about the other stories here.

But if you're not interested in those, you can read I SWEAR TO YOU without having to read any of the other books. It's a stand-alone story.

Are your books available in print?
The following books are available in trade paperback MORE, MORE THAN MOST, BREATHE, TAKE ME HOME, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, MORE THAN JUST A GOOD BOOK, FOR LOVE AND FOREVER, and I SWEAR TO YOU. You can pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a few other on-line bookstores.

When is your next book due out? What is it about?
You can keep up with my progress on all of my projects at my news page. You can also find out about new releases via my newsletter.

What is the best way to learn about your new releases?
You can find out about my new releases by following my blog or signing up to receive my newsletter.

How can readers contact you with any questions or comments?
I love hearing from readers. You can contact me via my contact page.

About the Writing Process

How long have you been writing?
I’ve been writing since the second grade when I first entered a short story in a local competition. I didn’t win, but I knew then I wanted to write a novel. Many years (and many stories) later I had my first release, MORE, in March of 2010. I’ve been writing on almost a daily basis since 2007 when I began reading and writing M/M erotic romance.

What’s the biggest surprise you've discovered about the writing process?
That I’m constantly learning something new and refining my process. That each project might require a slightly different way of working to achieve the desired goal. That hard work and dedication are only part of this business, but they are a big part of it.

Do you plan out all your stories or do you write as you go?
I've always been a planner. Even as a child. I remember sitting outside every summer with two lawn chairs: one for me and one for an old manual typewriter. I'd type up character lists and story outlines for days before I'd start writing the actual story.

I still plan, just without the manual typewriter. Often, I end up using much less technology like pen, paper, and post-it notes.

I create an outline and scene lists and character interviews. My brain thinks in layers like that, even as I start writing the actual story.

I'm also learning that I love more free-form writing for shorter non-suspense projects.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it is important to accept that nothing is set in stone. My process will likely evolve as much over time as my writing may.

What do you start with: the plot or the characters?
I usually start with a general idea for a character or set of characters. Or I might have an idea for a situation that could bring two people together. Then I build both the characters and the story from there. I switch back and forth between writing the character notes and planning the plot. One builds off the other and vice versa. It's such a fun time in the writing process, when the ideas are flowing, when the characters influence the story I'm telling, and the story influences the characters.

Where do you come up with ideas?
My ideas come from a lot of places. Life mostly. Daydreaming, photos, people watching, my dreams, blogs, music, news stories, even a snippet of a conversation can send me off on a tangent into my own world. Once I have my mind set on the characters, the plot ideas really start to flow. I have a folder full of ideas (some several pages long, some only one sentence). I turn to these when I want to start dreaming of a new idea and new characters.

I do a lot of pre-planning and outlining before I start the first draft. Actually, my outline is more of a rough draft than an outline. I’d never let anyone read it, but it has the bulk of the story, and in some scenes includes detailed descriptions, actions, and dialogue.

What was the most challenging character to write?
***** Warning: Spoiler ahead for MORE *****

I’d have to say Luke Moore’s father in MORE. Not that he was hard to write at the time I wrote that book, but I don’t think I did him justice. In hindsight, I wish I had revealed more about him and his true motives earlier in the story. His actions weren’t so much about a man striving for political office, they were about a man who hated himself and thus hated his son for openly being what he couldn’t be. I actually felt sorry for him in a way. I’m not sure many readers did, though. Which probably means I didn’t do such a great job in showing who that character was and why he was doing the things he was doing to his son. It was never meant to be about politics. Although that was one of the things he loved that he ended up losing. The story was meant to be about homophobia at its worst and most destructive: hating yourself for who you are.

********* END SPOILER *********

Who's your favorite of all your characters?
This is a tough one. I don't think I could ever pick just one. I have loved all my heroes. In fact I probably wouldn't have kept working on their stories if I hadn't fallen in love with them. For me each man is so unique, with his own set of admirable qualities that it's hard to compare them.

I have been surprised by some of my secondary characters, though. They came alive in ways I hadn't expected. I was surprised by how much I came to love Nancy and her kids, especially Adam, from BREATHE. I hear from readers all the time about how much they loved those characters, which makes me feel good. Especially after reading what Donald Maass said about too many secondary characters in fiction being weak (from The Fire In Fiction):

"Supporting players in manuscripts submitted to my agency are too often forgettable, as well. They walk on and walk off, making no particular impression. What wasted opportunities, in my opinion, especially when you consider that secondary characters aren’t born, they’re built."

What do you do when you are not writing?
I enjoy spending time with my partner (which I never get to do enough). I’m never bored when we just hang out together. We're big into board and card games and going to movies. I also spend as much free time as I can reading or listening to audio books. I'm a reader at heart.

Writing Resources/Advice

Do you have any advice for new writers? Any resources you would recommend?
Read. A lot! And write every day. Study everything you can find about the craft of writing and decide what rules or methods work the best for you. Study grammar. Research various publishers or agents and decide which route you wish to take when submitting your work. Buy and read from the publishers where you think your writing would be a good fit. Did I mention reading? In my opinion, it's important to have a strong reading background in the genre you wish to write in. I know some authors can't read from similar books when they are in the middle of a project. Which is fine, but then I'd recommend reading another type of fiction. Keep reading and writing as much as you can, and your own writing and voice will grow stronger every day.

I've created a list of writing resources I have found helpful in the past and some that I still use on a daily basis.

Also, especially for new and unpublished writers, I suggest following agents, editors, publishers, and published authors on Twitter. You can learn a lot about the business via 140 character tweets: how to query, tips on writing, how use social media, what's going on in the publishing industry, and more. Be sure to use your author name for your Twitter handle so you can begin branding yourself and your work.