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Sloan Parker Website Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 4, 2015

The Sloan Parker website (also referred in this document as "the SP Website"), may use code or cookies to track the performance of the SP Website and our marketing efforts by providing anonymous tracking data to third party applications (like Google Analytics). We use these third party applications and the tracking data to help us analyze how visitors use the website, which pages are most popular, how many people view the site, and similar metrics. No personally identifiable information is collected in this process.

Also, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, the SP Website utilizes opt-out options in all of the e-mails that are sent to the Sloan Parker Blog and Sloan Parker Newsletter mailing lists.

E-mail addresses collected for the purpose of distributing the Sloan Parker Newsletter and the Sloan Parker Blog posts are for internal use only and are never sold or rented to any third party companies. The Sloan Parker Newsletter and the Sloan Parker Blog mailing lists are saved, maintained, and sent via an online solution called MailChimp.

This policy will be updated periodically and the updates will be posted to the SP Website with the modified date listed at the top of the privacy policy.

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